Animal Treatment

Mirella Martinez


We know children get excited when they see circuses . I don't agree because kids and parents don't know that the animals are abuse by the people who work there. All the stuff they are doing to the animals is wrong because animals are not suppose to be treated badly.


According to LCA, they killed animals and sold them so they can earn more money. They also used a special position to kill animals that they didn't need. LCA doesn't treat animals great. What they make the elephants stand on there trunk and there 2 front feet. What they are doing to the animals is absolutly wrong to do.

When the animals escape they would kill thousands of animals and when they are kill they do it for there in fate. They keep tigers in boxcars,cages and other different dangerous cages. More than 50% the fur of the animals in the United States were killed to make cloth out of the animals fur.

Wild Animal Rescue

For over 140 years,the ASPCA tirelessly to put an end to a animal abuse neglect. Animals had been rescued from people who seen them be hurt. They took care of all the bad stuff they done to the wild animals. People wanted to protect the animals that have been suffering from the bad people. People will be protecting animals so they don't get hurt.