Pauline Cushman

By: Karla Barcenas

Facts about Pauline

  • She was born in New Orleans on June 10 ,1833
  • Pauline died on 1893, December 2.
  • Married to Charles Dickinson
  • Pauline had 2 children, Charles Jr, and Ida
  • Her hometown was New Orleans
  • She was addicted to Alcohol and Morphine
  • Pauline was also a Union spy and a Actress
  • Married 3 times
  • originally named Harriet Wood


''She is more of a soldier, perhaps, than most men, but above all more of a true woman than most women.''

Her life time

Her family and her moved from her hometown New Orleans to Michigan and then later returned to Louisiana at the age of 18, she moved to New York to become a actress. She changed her name to Pauline Cushman after she joined the theater. The name came from a celebrated actress named Charlotte Cushman. Pauline was not a very successful as a actress so she gave up and married her husband Charles Dickinson. Pauline gave birth to 2 children named Charles Jr. and Ida, there father later died from head injuries. When the theater company fired her she became a famous with the southerners, Her first assignment as a union spy was to gather information on the southerners where they got there information and supplies. After her days of being a spy were over her son Charles Jr. died after he died ida died as well. Pauline boarded in San Francisco on December 2 ,1893, she OD (overdosed) of narcotics, amid rumors of suicide her last years