By: Yasmine Negron


My country has been an independent country throughout history. The Netherlands joined the European Union in 1952. In fact they were one of the founders of the EU. It's located in Western Europe, boardering the North Sea, and it's between Belguim and Germany. The coordinate points for this country is (52-30°N, 5-45°E).


They have a Monarchy government. Their ruler is a king and their king is King William-Alexander
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The Netherlands have many geographical features including 2+ mountains and 3 main rivers. The mountains are Mount Scenery and Mount Vaalserberg. The rivers are the Rhine River, the Maas/ Meuse River, and the Schelde River.

The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. Other major cities include The Hague, Leeuwarden, Groningen, and Assen.

There present currency is EURO. But before EURO's their currency was Dutch Guilder.


The Netherlands flag was adopted on February 19, 1937. The red stripe which was originally orange, along with the white and blue stripes, are based on the heraldic colors (coat of arms) of Prince William of Orange, who led the fight for Dutch independence.
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