Wilma Rudolph

Female Athlete

By Makayla K Karcher

My claim/opinion

Wilma Rudolph is the most influential female athlete that her town ever knew.

My Evidence/Support1

She became the first woman in history to win three gold medals in track and field.

My Evidence/Support 2

After being encourage by her couch she won a Bronze medal in 1956.

My Evidence/Support3

Her town thought she was hero and wanted to encourage her more so she can be better than she was.

My Evidence/Support4

In 1960 she won the 100 meter race and the 200 meter race.

My Evidence/Support5

Later On she was a member of the team that won the 400 meter olympics womens relay.

My Biographical Information1

When she was born the doctor thought she wasn't going to make it but she survived.

My Biographical Information2

Later on she didn't like track,but liked basketball instead and was hoping that she was going to get in.

My Biographical Information3

Then she got pregnant in high school and her sister was watching her baby.So during that time she was a track star but then died from Brain cancer in 1994,but people still think that she is still a inspiring lady.

Citing Sources1

I got this information from WWW.Tnhistoryforkids.org

Facts From The text1

When she did track she felt free and thought she was not being treated wrong.

Facts From The Text2

When Wilma was in high school she wasn't really liking track she really liked basketball,but her dad made her get in track with her sister.

Fun Facts!

Wilma Rudolph favorite color is red,and she likes different pets but her favorite is dogs.When she was little and when she was in high school she liked basketball but her dad put her in track with her sister and when her couch encouraged her she started to like track. Wilma's favorite food is strawberries and chocolate.
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My opinion About Wilma Rudolph1

I think that Wilma was an inspiring person and If i was her i would think what she was thinking when she was saying that when she runs she feels free and she doesn't feel like somebody is judging her or threatening.

My Opinion About Wilma Rudolph/And Different Girls Playing Sports2

I also think that she was a world wide runner she a great hero and she was a brave person.I think that Females have the right to play sports and not sit around the house and clean and watch the kids.Most females are brave and stronger than men and they only need a boost or encourage by somebody to just let them be good at something.

My Conclusion

Ti conclude,as you can see Wilma Rudolph was a strong and brave female she didn't care if her health was bad or she was about to die,all she cared about was her town and her knowing that she is going to have special title of herself when she died.