Written and Illustrated by Emma Raftery

The Planet Neptune

Do you know what that blue planet up in space is called? It’s called Neptune. Urbain J.J. Leverrier used mathematics to find Neptune. Neptune got its name from the Roman God of the Sea. Neptune is far behind Saturn.

Neptune the Gas Giant

Since Neptune’s orbit is so big, it has not even completed one orbit around the sun. Neptune is a gas giant. Gas giants don’t have a solid surface. Earth does have a solid surface so it’s not a gas giant. The others are Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.

Neptunes Super Thin Rings

For a long period of time scientists thought Neptune had rings. You might have thought only Saturn had rings. Scientists think Neptune has about four rings but there might be another. Voyager 2 flew up into space and found out that Neptune did. Since Neptune and all the other giants are pretty much the same, they all have rings. They are super thin so nobody knows how many of them Neptune has. They are not colorful like Saturn's. They are made up of space dust.

Neptunes Largest Moon

Neptune has about eight moons. William Lassell found Neptune’s largest moon, Triton. Triton is made out of ice and rock so it is really cold there. The weird thing about Triton is that it orbits Neptune BACKWARDS!! Triton’s temperatures get as low as -391 Fahrenheit.