compromise of 1850

slaves, politics, and crisis.

What Is It?

The compromise of 1850 ammended the fugitive slave act and slave trade in Washington D.C was abolished. Also, California was now a free state and a territorial government was established in Utah.

Henry Clay thought of ways of compromise in January 1850 and not create a conflict between the North and the South.

At this time, the North and the South sides were being hostile to each other, disagreeing with slaves and such. These problems began the start of the Civil War. The Compromise Of 1850 an attempt to settle down the conflicts, only added to it. So this plays a big role in the Civil War.

what would slaves do?

who reacted because of the Compromise and why?

the North got mad. They did not want slaves. But the south was happy with the compromise because it also supported the Fugitive Slave Act. The Fugitive Slave Act was an act saying you could return your slave back to its owner or take him back to where he came from and punish him. The south liked slaves so they didnt get mad. The Civil War started about 11 years later but the North and the South were not agreeing about most things for some time before. The tension rose and became a full out war.

Other Facts:

The compromise was a series of 5 bills. This was meant to end slavery issues and disagreements but it only created more.