Stella & Dot

Holiday News

Hi Stylists,

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving. We just threw away the bale of hay on our porch so we have officially moved into holiday mode at the Miller house!!

Let me just say NOVEMBER has been AMAZING for our team - RECORD BREAKING!!! I can't wait to share our team's success this weekend!!

As we close out November and move into December, I wanted to remind you of a few key things.

1. I really hope all of you will attend our Charming Dotties Holiday Party! Kelli Robinson & I really want to celebrate all of you and what you have accomplished this year so please join us on Dec 19th at Commune in Royal Oak (where we have our team meetings).

2. Did you know you get to collect Style Rewards 2X per year? Yes! This is your God given right as a Stella & Dot Stylist so don't let 2012 end without collecting rewards one last time! I just sent out an evite yesterday to my VIP customers and hostesses inviting them to my house on Saturday morning for a Holiday Open House.

3. MEN - they need help with holiday gifts and you have a service..what a great combo! Make a list who you can reach out to and send them the picture below. You will have them laughing and it will help them start to think about the holidays (they normally don't even think about it until Dec 10th - LOL!)

4. Dot Dollars - how cool is this program???!!!! Please read the FAQs in this week's Written Buzz in your Stylist Lounge, but here is the premise: Customer spends $50 in December and they get $25 in Dot Dollars to redeem on your personal website between Jan 3rd and Jan 10th. In my opinion, this is an AWESOME program!! How cool is it that S&D is driving traffic back to our personal websites during one of the slowest weeks of the entire year!! Again, all the details are in your Written Buzz.

4. Please, please, please make sure you are checking the Product Alert List - this is really important this time of year! Home Office will be updating it daily starting Dec 1st.

5.. It is not too early to start booking your January! My favorite two themes for January are "Get What you Really Wanted for Xmas" Trunk Show & "Reward Yourself - the Holidays are Done". We will be having a team booking blitz next week so look for information from Kelli R. on our Facebook team page.

Style your own life while enjoying the holiday season and as always look hot in your dot!!
I will see you on December 19th!!!