IQuest Java, Python, Robotics & C++

Fall Sessions Begin Saturday, Sept 26th!

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The Benefits of Coding and Programming

With coding and programming driving robotics, these skills will become more essential than ever before. After all, Oxford University estimates (PDF) that as many as 47 percent of U.S. jobs could be wholly automated in the next 20 years. Given this, it’s vital to implement robotics heavily into today’s education programs, so that students have a firm grasp of the mechanisms behind it. This will ensure that today’s students keep pace with the rate of innovation, even in the workplace. Read the full article by Ricky Ye, the CEO of DFRobot.

Fall 2016

Our Java, Python and Robotics classes gives students six (6) weeks of understanding how logic translates to code. This rewarding experience will help your son or daughter express their creativity and unlock solutions.

Coding with C++

C++ is a very powerful programming language that gives the programmer flexibility in writing code. Coding with C++ is a great class for beginners and experienced programmers. Our instructor will cover basic lessons:

  • Using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Structure of a program
  • Variables and types
  • Constants
  • Operators
  • Basic Input/Output

We encourage students to bring their own laptop to save their work. Recommended for grades 6-12.
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Multiple Class Discount

With purchase of one class tuition, receive 10% discount off the second class at checkout. The discount is valid on all IQuest classes, except for the packaged classes (Lingua Tots & MindQuest), partner classes (ex. Veritas SAT, Cook, Learn, Grow) and private lessons. Some restrictions apply, please call IQuest for details.