Army Psychologist

Gemini Vela


  1. What is your career? The Career that i've picked is an Army Psychologist

  2. Brief description of what you will be doing in your job? An Army Psychologist helps people that have been or are in the Army, they're responsible for the mental state of them they also treat and help diagnose patients with different conditions such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, and substance abuse

  3. How much will I earn in a year (salary)? The salary depends on the ranking and/or the experience you have, typically the average Army Psychologist will make 60,000

  4. How much education do I need? First you will need an ASVAB or an Armed Services Vocational Aptitude test which shows the strengths and weaknesses you have for the job placement. Aside from that you need a 4 year (bachelors) degree in psychology, and a doctoral degree in clinical or counseling, and lastly a valid license to begin your job.

  5. What college will best prepare me for my occupation? Any college with a psychology program. Any college you wish to attend to have the ability to get a 4 year degree. Personally in my case i'm going to attend UTSA for the psychology program they offer.

  6. How much will I travel with this job? Being that I'm affiliated with the Army, I would get to stay on base with them.

  7. What skills do I already have that will help me in this occupation? Listening and communicating skills, honesty and integrity, the ability to work well with others, and the ability to remain calm in a stressful situation.

  8. Why do I want to do this job? I've always been really interested in learning why the mind acts certain ways and what causes it do act a type of way, but also recently i've been interested in the Army so being able to be in the Army and also doing what i've always wanted is a win win situation.

  9. Where will I be located with this job... exact location? The exact location ill be in is Fort Sam Houston Army Base in San Antonio, Texas.

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