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All are registered for full 2-day attendance and Wednesday-night lodging in the Residence Hall, unless otherwise indicated.

Terri Bennett, Teacher

Ellen Bracken, Reading Interventionist

Betsy Chavez, 1st Grade Teacher

Rebecca Hogue, 2nd Grade Teacher (no lodging)

Tonia Hutchinson, Counselor

Cynthia Ray, 4th Grade Teacher

Kristina Roper, Kindergarten Teacher

Allison Rucinski, 3rd Grade Teacher

Sara Ryan, 1st Grade Teacher

Heather Spradlin, 5th Grade Math Teacher

Candace Stine, Principal

Denise Betty Struck, 2nd Grade Teacher

Lacey Whiteley, 3rd Grade Teacher (attend Wed sessions only; depart Thurs morning)

Pattie Wilkins, 1st Grade Teacher

Stella Zuniga, (no lodging)

Online Registration through June 11 at https://goo.gl/80tcRp

After June 11, please email cspringall@uco.edu

Check-In: Wednesday, June 17

Time: 8:30 am (for Boarders)
Location: A.M. Hills Residential Complex, Southern Nazarene University
(If you are not boarding, you may check in at the Beaver Science Building @ 8:55 a.m., when your colleagues arrive from the dorms. See Conference Session location, below.)

Lodging Place & Information

A.M. Hills Residential Complex

For Dorm Check In: Park in the lot on the south side of the complex and enter through the main doors.

Address for GPS: 3940 N Peniel Ave, Bethany, OK 73008

You will be provided with a packet of quality linens AT NO COST. The packet contains: 1 pillow, 1 set twin sheets, 1 mattress pad, 1 blanket, 2 bath towels, 1 hand towel, 2 wash cloth.

The rooms will contain trash cans, shower curtains, and toilet paper. Nothing else is furnished. Be sure to bring your own soap, along with your toiletries.

Southern Nazarene University

Conference Sessions: Beaver Science Building, a short walk from the residence hall.

Address for GPS: NW 41st and N Peniel Ave, Bethany, OK 73008

This is a 4-story building on the west side of Peniel, where NW 41st intersects.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/u8tDTK

Look for the OKA+ yard sign.
Directions to Campus: http://snu.edu/directions-to-snu
Google Map Directions to site: https://goo.gl/lm1MVs

Campus Map: http://snu.edu/campus-map (#17 on the map)


All campus parking is free. Just follow common sense guidelines--no parking in loading docks, fire zones, or other marked areas. Do not park in spots designated for the physically disabled unless you display a permit.


Morning: Refreshments will be available on Wednesday, and breakfast will be provided on Thursday in the Beaver Science Building.
Lunch: will be provided on Wednesday and Thursday in the A.M. Hills Residential Complex.
Dinner: On your own. Dormitory boarders will receive a $12.50 meal reimbursement; a check will be sent after the new fiscal year begins in July. Two forms must be completed and signed; forms will be provided during the conference.
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Typical Summer Conference Activities

Schools Coming to SNU


  • Carver Early Childhood Center, Enid PS
  • North Highland Elementary, OKCPS
  • Willow Brook Elementary, OKCPS

  • Robertson Elementary, Tulsa PS

OKA+ Summer Attendance/Cancellation Policy

Participation in OKA+ Schools Summer Institutes and Conferences
While it is understood that emergencies occur, outside of those incidents, failure to participate in all components for which individuals are registered, including meals and full participation in workshops and conference sessions, will cause the school to be liable for costs incurred by Oklahoma A+ Schools for those participants, unless they have canceled or advised OKA+ of partial attendance specifics by June 8. The current cost estimate, per person, is $75 per day or $120 per day with lodging. Actual cost will be computed upon completion.
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