Brewster School Newsletter

February 5, 2016

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As you all know Collaboration is Key is our theme for this year. Sometimes when we set a theme at the beginning of the year it is quickly forgotten. This is not so at Brewster School this year. I see proof of this everyday around the school. All teachers and staff members are collaborating with each other to plan lessons, instructional strategies, assessments, engaging learning activities, materials and to develop the social/emotional skills of our students. This was obvious on the 100th Day of School. This school was buzzing with excitement as the students were engaged in creative learning activities that required critical thinking and team work. Thank you for all your hard work!

Shout Outs

Thank you those of you who acknowledge your colleagues by sending me Shout-Outs.

  • To the exciting, engaging 100 Day activities you designed and implemented with the students.
  • To Sandy and Mary Ellen for meeting with the families of all the new kindergartners to complete the registration process.
  • To ABA for letting us use your room for kindergarten registration.
  • To Christy for purchasing the new Mo Willems books for the first graders.
  • To the Reading Team for completing all the DIBELS assessments.


  • One more week to complete the F&P.
  • Thank you for scheduling your mid-year evaluation meetings. If you haven't had a chance yet please stop in to see Patti or me. If you have any questions while completing the form let me know.
  • Please submit your assessment results when you are done.


  • Our final number for new kindergartners is 57. Thank you for the great visits and making this happen.
  • There will PD next Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. The PD on both days will continue to focus on Reader's Workshop mini-lessons and will be facilitated by Holly Hollander. Thursday afternoon's session will focus on crafting and delivering the mini-lesson. On Thursday we will meet at Lyman at 1:45. We will follow the same coverage procedures for dismissal that we used last month. Patti will send the coverage schedule out early next week.
  • Tom will be sending information on Friday's PD next week.
  • Please begin to think about your second observations. Thank you to those of you who have already scheduled. If you are on the summative cycle please schedule an observation in March.

School Happenings

Feb 9 - BKPTO ( Kath and Kerrie Flanagan will be attending.)

Feb 11 - Early Dismissal/PD

Feb 12 - No school/PD

Feb 15 & 16 - President's Day Holiday

Feb 17 - BOE meeting @ Strong 7:00, 2016-17 Budget Presentation


Don't forget to sign up for Pizza on Tuesday. The cost is $5. Pizza will be delivered around 11:45 and we will keep it warm until everyone's lunch. Sunshine will provide beverages.

There was a mention of having a "spontaneous gathering" on Thursday afternoon after school. Save the date and let us know in the office if you have any suggestions on a location. Thoughts were Westbrook Lobster on Route 68 in Wallingford, Wood N Tap in Wallingford or Billy T's in Cromwell. Both have great "specials" during that time and everyone will be out at 3:30 or earlier so it should be a good day to get together and get a large table early. It's been a while.

February 25 is National Chili Day - Is anyone up for a contest?

March 14 is National Pi Day - Anyone want to share their favorite pie with the staff.

March 23 is National Dip Day - This was a big hit!! Nancy is looking forward to that one.