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One of the consistent colors with each season is tan or nude

Dresses for the Spring

As the winter season comes to an end, many people begin looking to what their spring wardrobe may be. Often times, guys love to wear khaki shorts and button-down shirts with loafers to kick off their spring wardrobe. Girls look forward to wearing printed shorts, tank tops, sandals, and spring dresses. Each season, the style of dresses for girls and women differ. Listed below are a few of the latest trends in dresses.

Dresses with Layers

Layered dresses were recently featured as new, hot items for spring 2019. Several designers released lines of dresses with lots of color and frills, and most all of them consisted of layers. Some dresses were layered with a material such as lace and sequins while others were very basic layers made of cloth.

Earth Tones

One of the consistent colors with each season is tan or nude. This color line is popular again for the spring of 2019 when it comes to dresses. Designers like Dior call this color trend "Down to Earth." Their line of spring dresses consists of all shades of tan including cream, khaki, and sand colors.

Seashells and Netted Dresses

For the last several years, popular jewelry throughout the spring and summer trends towards seashells and other beach items. For the upcoming spring, the designers are adding netting to this trend. Dresses of all lengths will begin to be available with netting and pukas, similar to a fishing type net. These are being featured in many different colors as well. Some styles of these netted dresses can be worn alone, but most should be worn over other articles of clothing to create a layered look.

Shades of Yellow

While yellow makes most people think about warm weather and sunshine, fashion designers are using it as the latest trend for dresses in the spring of 2019. These shades of yellow are ranging from a very pastel yellow to a much darker gold color.

There are several other styles of dresses rolling out according to New York Fashion Week, and many of them can be seen and purchased on sites such as Most of the dresses are available in different sizes, and the size can be determined by the size chart shown on the website. For more information and to see what is available, visit