Double Identity

By: Olivia Mendoza


Bethany is a girl who what's to know the truth about her life. Who is she??? Bethany Cole or Elizabeth Krull? And who is Elizabeth Krull? To many questions so little time. To many questions one big answer!!!!!!!


To not try to change the way you are, because you are perfect the way you are.


Bethany starts in a car to a place she does not even know. Then she spends most of the time in her anut’s house ( who she does not even know ) or in her temperare room.

Character Analysis

Bethany is brave because when the big thing happened she refused to cry, even if she wanted to.

Bethany is also very understanding when the even bigger news happens she soon understands.

She is also emalsinal when she gets bad news and when she thinks she was abandoned.


Bethany was a girl who was quiet and smart. At the end she was confint, smart ,and is more positive in what she does.


I think you should read the book if you like a reel page turner.In my onest apinyon is that I really like it alot!How it just got right in the book.