World Heritage Family Newsletter

North Central Region :: Winter 2014

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all joy, health and happiness this holiday season!
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Students at the Mall of America

What a great student turnout for our annual representative training meeting!

This is the best part of my job--finally meeting the students we work so hard to find homes for. It's wonderful seeing their smiling faces in person and knowing their dream of coming to the US was made possible due to loving host families, such as yours.

From left-back row: Elin (Sweden), Irina (Germany) ,Lizzy (Benedicte's host sister), Benedicte (Denmark), Laerke (Denmark), Philip (France), Malo (France), Alexandra (France), Eliot (France), Ophelie (Italy), Pansaeng (Thailand), Kunlanan (Thailand), Francesca (Italy), Mascha (Germany)

From left-front row: Keegan (Andy's host brother), Tia (South Korea), Andy (Italy), Alessandro (Italy), Forest (Taiwan), Mark (South Korea)

Holiday blues

The holidays can ring in times of fun and relaxation, but they can also bring on homesickness for the exchange students as they think of their friends and families back in their home country. Encourage your son/daughter to engage in American holiday celebrations and to share their holiday traditions with their you.

Keeping busy over holiday breaks is a great 'cure' to holiday induced homesickness.