Natural Gas

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How Is This Natural Resource Formed?

It is formed by a mixture of hydrocarbon gasses, and fossil fuels. Natural gas takes almost a million of years to form.


Natural Gas is the cleanest Fossil Fuel and a highly efficient form of energy.

Natural Gas has many advantages over other fossil fuels.It has fewer impurities, is less Chemically complex, and it's combustion results in less pollution.

Is This A Renewable Or Nonrenewable Resource?

It is a nonrenewable resource because it takes almost a million of years to form because there isn't a lot of it.

How Is This Natural Resource Used?

diesel fuel, heating water, light street lamps, fossil fuels.

If This Resource Is Nonrenewable, What Are Some Ways To Conserve, Or Alternatives To Using This Resource?

Not to use so much of it or use very little of it.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using This Resource?

Natural gas is $2,269 dollars right now. It takes over a million of years to form. it is also highly volatile, and it can be dangerous while is it handeled or transported carelessly.

Where Is This Resource Found Most Abundantly?

Russia, Iran, Qatar, U.S., Iraq, Australia, China, Indonesia, Norway, Yeman, India, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon, Romania, Brazil, Mexico, Thiland, Columbia, Peru, United Kingdom.

Are There Any Harmful Effects To The Earth During The Process Of Collecting Or Harnessing This Energy Source?

The smell of the gas.