Texas Road Trip

By : Samantha Allen

Day 1 Huston

Today I just made it to Huston TX . The first thing I'm going to do is go to the Holocaust museum of Huston!! About 2 to 3 hours I finally got to this museum ! It's amazing here there is so much cool fact about Huston that I never new about like... Did you know that in 1981, sieg Izakon, a Holocaust survivor and long time ago Huston resident , had a epiphany. After going to the get together of the holocaust survival . He had noticed that his friends were becoming old, and as they passed way their memories / stories will remain interesting. And will be with then forever.

DAY 2 Huston

NASA ( space center )

Did you know that on July 20, 1969 the eyes of the world were on Huston & MSC. The Armstrong reported from thew lunar surface. "Huston, the eagle has landed. " hours later Armstrong grabbed the ladder of the lunar module proclaiming the first step on the moon surface.In 1973 MSC was renamed the lyndon B. Johnson Space Center ( JSC ).
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DAY 3 Lubbock

Texas Tech university

Texas Tech was originally named Texas Technological college , the college opened in 1925 along with the 6 buildings and an enrollment of 914. Graduate instruction did not begin until 1927 within the school of liberal arts. A division of Graduates studies was created in 1935 and eventually became known as the Graduate school inn 1954.

Day 4 Lubbock

Silent wing museum

did you know that the Silent Wing museum is located on the site of World War 2. The Lubbock site was chosen for glider school because of it dry, warm weather. The first Silent wing opened on november 10,1984 in Terrell East of Dallas.

DAY 5 El Paso

Franklin Mountain State

Franklin Mountain State park is a Texas State park in El Paso, it is 5,426 feet it is the largest urban park in the nation of Texas. In 1581 Spanish explores found the Rio Grande River and viewed a pass between the two mountains thats when they named it EL Paso del ( the pass of the north ) On April 30th 1598 the area became fueled with the Spanish.

DAY 6 EL paso

El Paso zoo

The El paso Zoo has so much history to it, from how it started to how it is now. Did you know that in the late 1940's the Zoo was first created. The zoo animals have been through good times and bad all throughout their history. When the Zoo was built the animals did have a fancy please to live but soon the inserters began to develop in adding more things to the animals habitat to make it seen more at home.The EL Paso Zoo became a department of the city of El Paso in 1976, but that time the collection had changed and include a kadiak bear, relocated alligator from san jacinto plaza , a rhinoceros a camel birds , monkeys, lions and reptiles with little reptile rock buildings :)

Day 7 Fort stokon


Big Bend national park is the largest projected area of chihuahuan desert . The area is 1,251 SQ miles.The park covers over 801,00 acres of west Texas in the spot where the Rio Grande makes its turn- The Big Bend !


Old Fort Cemetery

Did you know that ............The original fort, known as camp stock on was, created in 1859 And in operation until 1861.

It may not have a ever had a cemetery , at least we are not aware or one.........

Those that died during that time , might have died right where they fell .The fort was temporally closed from 1861 to 1867 !

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