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Ms. Prestjohn's Newletter: Wk of 9/21/15


Students are showing more success with rational numbers-yea! We continue to work with this set of numbers as we learn to compare and order them. That means, they need to know how to plot fractions and decimals on a number line. Students are quite good at locating positive and negative integers on a number line; but this week, we are focusing on locating points in the "spaces" between the integers. As they become more proficient in locating fractions and decimals on a number line, they will be able to successfully compare and order them. That is our goal this week.

Students are getting quite good at logging assignments in a planner, and it will soon be a habit for them. Please remember that a planner continues to be an integral piece to a student's' success at ACMS, and that it works best when it is checked daily at home (along with checking for the completed homework that is recorded). Your help at home completes the puzzle for student success--it is greatly appreciated!!

Table Conversations Starters:

Our words this week are really the same: rational numbers, integers, natural (or counting) numbers, opposites, absolute value, comparing and ordering rational numbers. We continue to use these words as we learn how to plot rational numbers which in turn allows us to compare and order them with ease. Please continue to talk with your student using these words to help them become comfortable using them.

We do not have many videos to highlight for this week, but I will be building a "library" of videos we watch as an additional resource for students. I will put links in a folder on Edmodo so they can be found easily. From what I understand, these folders are accessible on the parent platform as well as on the student platform. Please let me know if you are unable to access folders on my Edmodo site.

Mark Your Calendar:

All week - Schoolwide Fundraiser / Hebron Homecoming Celebrations

Extended tutoring sessions are available Monday and Tuesday from 4p-5p.

9/21/15 - Western Wear/Tutoring (4p-5p)

9/22/15 - Hippie Attire/Pep Rally/Tutoring (4p-5p)

9/23/15 - Musical Band Shirts/HHS Homecoming Parade

9/24/15 - Disney Wear/Faculty Meeting before school

9/24/15 - Eagle Wear

Lesson Plans: Week of 9/21/15 - 9/25/15