The Berlin Wall

Learn facts you probably didn't know about the Berlin Wall.

How would you feel?

What if there was a giant wall separating you from your family? Honestly, from my opinion I would hate it. Maybe you would too, I don't know. But that's how western Germans felt about the Berlin Wall. If you didn't know the Berlin Wall separated East Berlin from West Berlin. In this article you will learn some interesting facts that may or may not be true, but from what I can tell my sources are reliable.

The basics

Well if you don't know world geography, Berlin is in Germany. Berlin is also the capital of Germany. The architect for the Berlin Wall was Erich Honecker. ( And you guys are probably wondering what it looked like. Well it was a concrete wall lined with barbed wire. And the wall had a lot of graffiti.( Well with all this information I've told you so far you don't even know when the wall was created, the Berlin Wall was created in 1961. (

More facts

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