Differentiating Product

Do all my students really have to make a Keynote?

Give them Choice!

Product differentiation is probably the most common form of differentiation.

  • Teachers give choices where students pick from formats.
  • Students propose their own designs.

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Check out these ideas for differentiating student projects and products

Explore the MGSD Cool Tools Library for Tools to Differentiate Products

Learn How To Create a More Robust Rubric

Why should you grade with a rubric? Check out 5 reason why.

#1- Rubrics guide students in performance and teach them to learn responsibly.

#2- Rubrics encourge students to become self-reflective

#3- Rubrics take away the guessing game--this is how your grade is determined!

#4- Rubrics praise students' strenghts and support their weaknesses.

#5 Rubrics are just plain AWESOME!

Examples of Rubrics

Creating a Rubric in Blackboard Learn

"Best Practices: A Case for Rubrics: Four Student Benefits and Teacher Tips for Use - Moodlerooms." Moodlerooms. N.p., 12 June 2012. Web. 13 July 2016.