Civic Engagement Training by Knowledge As Power

Engage your city & state government

with effective & affordable civic skills training. We provide everything you need to cut through the legalese of government and get straight to the issues that matter to you and your community.

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Turn your local knowledge into local power

Government and civic education in the U.S. is sadly lacking. Voting is emphasized above all while engagement in legislatures, city councils, or other lawmaking and decision-making bodies is left to the wayside. KAPcivic’s training program provides foundational civic skills to anyone who wants to have a voice in their community. Our curriculum and trainers emphasize confidence-building and strategies that help any individual make their voice heard through the noise of government.

How it works

Knowledge As Power provides:

  • Trainer, translator for ASL, Spanish (inquire for other languages) for .5 to 1.5 hours
  • Electronic version of the KAPcivics curriculum that partners are free to use at any time
  • Hard copy civic education materials for participants
  • Projector and internet hook up

KAPcivics partners provide:

  • A quiet meeting location with enough seating for your participants
  • White board, flip board, chalk board, or other large writing surface
  • A staff member or volunteer to provide welcome and sign-in
  • Translation, if needed, for additional languages
  • Promotion for the training to your community or organization, including organizing sign-ups or reservations for the event


Community groups and services for the low income areas

$95 a session (up to 30 participants)+$5 per additional person

Medium-sized organizations with a budget over $400,000

$155 a session (up to 30 participants)+$7.5 per additional person

Professional Organizations

$350 a session (up to 30 participants)+$18 per additional person

*If your 501(c)3 organization has a very limited budget and fits any category found below, you are free to apply for a scholarship, making your training free. Participant number is limited to 30.

*Exemptions in the past have included Community technology centers, low income housing programs, programs for the homeless, at risk youth programs, and other low-income community programs.

Who we are

Knowledge As Power (KAP) is an open government, 501 (c)(3) organization, dedicated to helping people become better citizens, legislators become better lawmakers, and governments become better servants of the public. KAPcivics is the distilled and weaponized version of all of that KAP stands for, delivering boots on the ground essential civic education to those interested in engaging their local and federal government. Learn more about KAP as a whole here: http://knowledgeaspower.org.

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Knowledge As Power

You can contact our KAPcivics manager James Kim through any of the following channels.