By; Jahaira Carrasco

Will joining a gang negatively affect your life?

Yes, joining a gang can affect your life by getting you killed, leading you to jail and getting a bad reputation.

Peace in Gangland

"I first met Cynthia Mendenhall two hours before the funeral of her nephew, Frank Evans Jr. We were seated in the booth of a Denny's on the edge of Watts, eight miles south of downtown Los Angles. I expressed my condolences. She received them with a nod. Her sister-in-law, she said, was taking it hard. In fact, she nearly refused to come to the funeral. Even though it had been almost two weeks since Frank was shot, she still couldn't accept that he was dead."

Cynthia Mendenhall's nephew was shot because of gang related things. She still could of not believed what happens when she realized she should of payed more attention to him so he wouldn't of committed something like that.

Having a family member shot because of a gang is really sad because of the attention you didn't put into that person. You think once there gone if you could of done anything or just helped him out, or talk to him of what was happening.

Sister Escaped 'Trigger Town,' but Bleak Fate Snared Brother

"Nearly two decades after circumstances set their lives on dramatically different trajectories, Jamila Pleas recently met with her younger brother at a federal jail in downtown Chicago as he awaited sentencing for running a menacing crack-cocaine operation known as the "killing crew."Rashod "Fat Man" Bethany was angry, but not so much over the many years he faced in prison, Pleas recalled. What had upset him, she said, was reading pre-sentencing evaluations that detailed his sad, violent upbringing in a West Pullman neighborhood drug house -- born to a drug-addicted mother, bagging marijuana at 7 as punishment for acting up, suspended from grammar school for assaulting teachers, shot in the back at 12."He said, 'The way I grew up was just wrong,' " Pleas recalled of their jailhouse conversation. "It was like he was remorseful for his own actions, but he was also hurt that he was put in that situation so young. He never had a choice."

They had to go visit somebody at jail for running a menacing crack-cocaine operation known as the "killing crew" He faced many years in prisons because of what he did. He was suspended from many schools because of marijuana.

It would be sad having a family member in jail most of the time because of them having drug problems. They should help him out with his problem so his life wont be as difficult as it is now.

Laws are weak in the face of rising gangs.

"I confirmed through several sources that many local students are afraid to enter school restrooms. One mother told me her son called her to check him out of school so he could use the restroom.Turns out restrooms are where drugs, weapons, sex and gang assaults run rampant."

There was a boy who was to afraid to go into the bathroom because that was were the gangs would take place. Like drugs,sex,fights, and many more dangerous things gangs do. He called his mom to pick him up so he can go to the bathroom at his house because he was to scared to go in there.

I think its unbelievable that things like that happened in the actual school, and getting scared to go inside the bathroom and having to have your mom pick you up. Kids shouldn't be in those type of gangs were they make other kinds afraid of them that they can even go inside of the bathroom. The gangs members are just getting a bad reputation at school and soon in their actual life.

Why gangs ruin your life.

Those are some reasons gangs are dangerous for teenagers. Getting killed, ending up in jail, or getting a bad reputation in life.

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