Health Guide

How to stay healthy

Stay Healthy by using the Dietary Guideline's, Food label's and Nutrient's too! If you use all of these 3 thing's you would stay healthy! Be healthy with these 3 thing's stay Healthy.

Are you eating all the 6 Nutrients?

Nutrient's are for You. If you were Healthy you would eat good Foods. You have to have water to Dehydrate. Nutrients are healthy Things. Proteins help you Grow. Vitamins help you from getting Sick. Energy gives you the ability to Work. You need energy to do all kinds of Things. You need energy to do a Lot. Energy will help you do Everything. Fat is cake and sweets and lots other Things. Minerals keep your body Going. Now you no that Nutrients are Good.
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Fallow the Dietary Guidelines

We are learning the Dietary Guidelines. The dietary guidelines helps you stay Healthy. It was approved by the U.S. Government. Wright down what you need to limit or what you can Eat. Also, the guidelines explain and tell you how to stay Healthy. If you are starting to overweight that can be Bad. You could ask your Doctor. He could help you with That. Eat healthy Things. Don't eat a lot of Sugar. The dietary guidelines help you eat Healthy. Gains-have 6 oz. in them. Fruit has - 11/2 cups. Milk has -2 cups in them. Meats and beans have - 5 oz. You should eat the vegetable group which has -21/2 cups.You should move for at least 60 min's a day. These are ways you could stay healthy with the Dietary Guidelines.
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Always look at the Food Labels

Food labels tell you what are in it. All ways have a balance of calories. Food labels are good they tell you what are in the Food. It would tell you if there was sugar,or lots of fat or protein. There will always be a Food label on the back of the box. Calories are Food labels all the time. Some people do be careful what they are eating and grow because they eat healthy! Food labels will help you no what to eat!
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You learned about Nutrients Dietary Guidelines and Food labels.