Writing Conventions

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What are writing conventions?

How can you teach writing conventions?

How can you assess writing conventions?

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Writing Conventions

Grammar: The functions of words in a sentence

Parts of speech: Identify the functions of words in a sentence; nouns, pronouns,verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, articles

Sentences: Determine the functions of words by controlling the order.

Usage: Appropriate forms of words in a sentence.

Punctuation and Capitalization: Signal key grammatical structures in a sentence.

How Can You Teach Writing Conventions

Grammar Workshops: Providing the opportunity for students to learn and use grammar in context of their own writing. They discover their own grammar mistakes and work together to solve their own writing mistakes.

Grammar Tool Box: Parts of speech, sentence structure, word usage, punctuation and capitalization are tools found in the tool box. Students learn how to use these tools correctly when writing.

How Can We Assess Writing Conventions?

Does each sentence have a subject and a predicate?

Are there any sentence fragments?

Are there any run on sentences?

Did you use the correct form of each word?

Does each sentence begin with a capital letter?

Does each sentence end with a correct punctuation mark?

Do you notice any comma errors?