By: Shelby Woods

My page

This is a preview for my page on Facebook. Along with other information about ME.


I love doing many things in my free time at home, school, and where-ever I have space and something to do. If you want to find out more and see some of my drawings that are accomplished, like my page on Facebook and post your drawings along with me and send me your suggestions on what I should draw next. Your suggestion will be posted alongside the drawing on my page.


Look up these videos on YouTube and get into the series.

Music Websites

Fun and Great videos to watch Sometime

Falken Tire: Ultimate Dark Night RC Drifting
Devil DrifterCrew Messe Stuttgart 2010 official video by JJ-Tv
Initial D : GT-R (R32) [Takeshi Nakazato] vs AE86 [Takumi Fujiwara].