Mrs. Hamilton's 2nd Grade Class

October 14, 2016

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Smith Family Farms Study Trip!

On Thursday of this week, the 2nd graders got to travel to Smith Family Farms! On this study trip we got to see first hand and learn more about both plant and animal life cycles that occur on a farm. We also got to enjoy a hay ride, lunch with friends, and we got to pick our own pumpkins! We will use these pumpkins at school through end of October. We plan to do various activities with this and can't wait to see where our curiosities take us!

Thank you to the chaperones who volunteered their time and joined us! We enjoyed having you spend the day with us!

Colts Day!

Today we celebrated Colts Day! This was a PTO sponsored Spirit Day! Thank you to all who wore their favorite Colts gear or remembered to wear their BLUE and WHITE!
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Phases of the Moon with OREOS!!!!

Today we reviewed the phases of the Moon as our study of the Sun and Moon come to an end! The kids really enjoyed using the OREOS as a hands on activity to explore and manipulate/create the different phases! AND...of course the best part was eating them when they were finished! Thank you for all of the donations!!!
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Student Led Conferences!

Don't forget, I will be seeing some of you for conferences next Monday and Tuesday evening! I am looking forward to sharing this time with you and your child! See you then!

Liger Mile

Amazing job to all who participated in this years Liger Mile on Thursday evening! It was such a fun evening exercising with friends!

Student Led Conferences, Report Cards, & 2nd Grade Data Sheets

Thank you to all who came this week and last to our student led conferences! It was such a great time partnering together to celebrate your child's successes! Today 1st 9 weeks report cards are available on Skyward. Make sure to check those to see how your child did! Friday, October 28th our beginning of the year 2nd grade data sheets will be coming home. Those will give you lots of information from our beginning of the year assessments.

The Fall Book Fair is Coming to TCE!

The Fall Book Fair is coming to TCE! It will be open Tuesday, November 1st - Friday, November 4th during the school day. It will also be open on Friday, November 4th until 6:30 so you can shop before PTO's Movie Night! Our class will be shop on Friday, November 4th from 3-3:30!!! If you choose to send in money for your child to shop, send it in a clearly marked envelope with your child’s name and teacher. You are welcome to sign in at the office and shop with your child as well. **You must have a background check on file in the office if you wish to shop during the school day with your child. Please visit HSE's website for more info:** You can also shop the Book Fair Online starting October 26th - November 9th! Just visit

Fun with Apples!

We have been studying and researching all things APPLE related! Everything from types of apples to all of the foods you can make with apples! We have been learning about the life cycle of an apple as well! Today, we graphed our favorite apple food and shared descriptive words about our apples: how did they taste, smell, look, feel, and sound like when we were eating them! They kids ate their apples and we wrote all about our experiences!!! Next week we will be making applesauce! The kids will be researching different applesauce recipes, so I will send home an email with ingredients listed and you can let me know if it's ok for them to cook and eat the applesauce! YUMMO!!!
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Inventors Box Donations!

During exploring time students like to create things with recycled items, our classroom is in need of any items that we can use to create and invent things with!! We love turning trash into new and exciting inventions and creations!

Some items that we need and brainstormed together are:

plastic bottles

soda cans


boxes (any size cereal, pop tart, cracker, mac and cheese etc..)

milk jugs


toilet/paper towel rolls



magazines (child appropriate)

bags from kroger, marsh, etc..


rubber bands

egg cartons

plastic containers

If there is anything else you would like to send in, we would love to have it!!

Thanks so much for your help with this! We will collect these items all year long!


Snack Donation for the classroom

If anyone is interested in donating snack to our classroom, it would be greatly appreciated!!! We are starting to run low! Goldfish crackers (any kind), cheese, fresh fruit, dried fruit, and veggies are all on the approved snack list! We thank you in advance!!

Background Checks & Anti-Bulling Video

If you want to volunteer, chaperone fieldtrips, or eat lunch in the cafeteria, guests must have an approved background check on file and complete the Anti-bullying video. Background checks are good for 3 years. If you have questions about your background check, contact the TCE office.

Important Information for Next Week

Mark Your Calendar!

Thursday & Friday, October 20 and 21st- Fall Break

Tuesday, November 8th- Election Day (NO SCHOOL for students) Teachers in PD

Wednesday-Friday, November 23-25th- NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

Related Arts Schedule

Monday, October 17th- Day 5- Art and Library

Tuesday, October 18th- Day 6- P.E.

Wednesday, October 19th- Day 1- Music

Thursday, October 20th- NO SCHOOL Fall Break

Friday, October 21st- NO SCHOOL Fall Break

Monday, October 24th- Day 2- Art and Library

Tuesday, October 25th- Day 3- P.E.

Wednesday, October 26th- Day 4- Music

Thursday, October 27th- Day 5- Art

Friday, October 28th- Day 6- P.E.

We Are Learning...


During reading this week we continued to focus on Beginning, Middle, and End. We will be to focus on making inferences. We will be taking about what we already know, thinking about clues from the text, then coming up with a theory about a part of the book! (For example: If I see a boy wearing a party hat, I might infer it is his birthday.) We will learn that by making inferences we can dig in deeper to a character, plot, or problem in a story.


We are well into writing our Personal Narratives and the kids are LOVING it! We are focusing on small moments that have happened in our lives and making books from those experiences that have happened to us. We have been reading mentor texts to help us understand how a Personal Narrative is written and how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the story by adding details.

Word Study

Word study in 2nd grade includes spelling, phonics, and vocabulary development. Next week we will continue to review some of the important sounds and patterns in our language, helping us to build a foundation for reading, writing, and spelling.


In math, we will begin to wrap up our study on Addition and Subtraction Strategies. We will review some of these before moving on (fact families, doubles, adding 3 numbers, solving addition and subtraction word problems, and writing number sentences)...We will be moving onto Working with Equal Groups where we will be practicing repeated addition and building arrays.


This week in science we continued looking at the moon phases and watching the changes the moon makes over the course of a month. The students are doing such a fabulous job with the moon journal. It has been a great way for us to learn from each other on a daily basis!


This week we have been talking a lot about apples, and next week we will begin to research some of our "I WONDERS" about apples! They have been very interested in the seeds and how the life cycle works so we have been reading lots of books about apples and taking time physically look at them, feeling them and touching them! The discussions have been so awesome!