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Advice column

Dear Bianca:

I have an issue. My issue is everyone is always hacking into my computers at work. I have tried everything to protect my files and all of my work. I have even changed my password from 123456 to 654321 but nothing is working , please please pleas help me.

-idiot with 654321 as their password

Dear idiot with 654321 as their password

I'm sorry to hear that ur files are unprotected but really you should just get a password that isn't a counting number, and some basic computer protection. Second look into setting up a firewall you will be much safer with a firewall set up on your computer. Next don't tell people your password I know that's kinda obvious one but c'mon dude your dumb enough to put 654321 as your password.

- Bianca

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Brain Jack is the must see movie of the year!

Brain Jack is the number one movie on the charts, it's filled with action, science , technology, and a little bit of romance. It's gotten thousands of great reviews. The main character named Sam Wilson is asked to join the cyber defense devision. His life is about to change, he now has to stop hackers from destroying our world. Watch this action packed movie to find out what happens in theaters near you!

Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.

–R. Buckminster Fuller

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Brain Jack movie is staring Mia Mitchell, Jamie Blackley and Kyle Harris.

Neuro headset making peaple lose weight!

It's official Neuro headsets can make you lose weight, why else are people wearing them everywhere. People have reported that after wearing one for 24 hours they have lost 3.5 pounds. Isn't that amazing we have created something so genius that it makes you lose weight in 24 hours. No more going to the gym to lose weight my friends, just wear a Neuro headset for 24 hours and you shave off 3.5 pound!
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