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In the search for night time comfort, many overlook the waterbed. Those who had them remember leaks, a lot of partner movement, questionable back support, and some sea-sickness! That’s because the old style of waterbeds were just one big sack of water. Now, waterbeds look like regular beds, and have individual tubes of water, so there’s no wave effect. These can be adjusted to any firmness, and are a great alternative to air beds.

Waterbeds are difficult to find, and unless you are looking for a waterbed mattress Orlando store, you probably won’t find one near you. A quick look online will show you that you can get them by mail, from specialty waterbed companies. The exception is, if you’re looking for waterbed mattresses in Ocala, you should look at Dr Snooze. These are high quality mattress with environmentally friendly features and a completely waveless structure.

The original design of these mattresses is still available, although many improvements have been made to waterbed mattresses. When you are going to buy waterbed mattresses then be sure to read through the waterbed mattress reviews, and check out some consumer ratings. They don’t have one on display in the store, but have a large selection online, and have the knowledge to go through them with you at the store. These are filled with little rounded vinyl coils containing water and floating underneath the mattress top. The waterbed mattresses help in regulating the water movement, maintains balance, and makes the bed firmer.

Dr Snooze carries both types of waterbed mattress: the tufted, padded type that just needs a foundation to work, and the bladder type, where you sleep directly on the vinyl sack of water. These are constructed to the highest standards and provide a person with the piece of mind and good nights rest they deserves. They also have replacement parts, like conditioner, patch kits, and cleaner.

With these mattresses there is no need to have an outside frame as this is an all in one piece that serves as a comfortable bed by itself. These mattress combinations include a mattress, liner and air-filled perimeter or frame. Furthermore, if you would like to update your bed, or replace your mattress, Dr Snooze can help you find parts and mattresses which can be used with your existing heater and bed set up.

If you’re interested in a new waterbed, or waterbed parts and accessories, come to Dr Snooze in Ocala. They have what you need!

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