Mexican Serape

By: Megan KW, Kaleigh Z, Teagan K, and Lindsi K

What is a serape?

A blanket like shawl with vibrant colors.

Description of a Serape

The Saltillo serapes of northern Mexico are among the most flamboyant textiles woven in North America during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Long associated with use by horsemen they took on nationalist overtones after Mexico's independence from Spain in 1821. Horse culture, male fashion. Saltillos are named for the town in the Mexican state of Coahuila where many were made.

Who wears the serape?

It can be worn by men and women. In Mexico, usually men wear it while in Guatemala, women can wear it as well.

Where is the serape worn?

Mostly in Mexico and Guatemala.

How much does a serape cost?

A serape usually costs 175-190 US dollars.

What is the new world weaving tradition?

There are some ways to make weaving easier like simple machines to make the process faster.


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