Note Culturelle

Learn about french culture


If your late to school in France, you need to go to the principles office to explain your tardiness. The person in charge fills out a form in your carnet de correspondance, a special notebook in which your personal behavior is recorded. The carnet is used less with older students. Parents must sign any notes written in the carnet to show that they are aware of their childs conduct.


Most kids go home to eat lunch, but if they don't live close, they eat in the school cafeteria. The kids who eat in the cafeteria eat a standard French lunch: a first course, a main dis with vegetables, then cheese, fruit or yogurt. Students may stand in line to receive their meals or they might be given their food at their tables. Lunch lasts two hours, so the kids at school will have extra time to study, play a game or go to a cafe.

Report Cards

Report cards come out three times a year: in December, before the Easter break and at the end of the school year in June or July. Written or oral tests, pop quizzes, compositions, oral presentations and homework are all graded assignments.