Passion, Rapport & Enthusiasm

Please Join us!

In August, Dave Burgess challenged us all to Teach Like a Pirate. Since we are three months in, this week's #ACKedchat will focus on PASSION, RAPPORT and ENTHUSIASM.


Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 8:30pm

This is an online event.

#TLAP Revisited

Q1: P is for PASSION. What are some of your professional and personal PASSIONS?

Q2: How do you remain PASSIONATE about teaching in spite of obstacles constantly put in front of you all the time?

Q3: RAPPORT is important because it helps create ownership. How do you develop RAPPORT?

Q4: How do you show your students you are HUMAN and it's ok to take risks or make mistakes?

Q5: How do you keep the TEACHABLE MOMENT alive despite the overemphasis on testing?

Q6: ENTHUSIASM rubs off on everyone around us. How do you show & spread ENTHUSIASM to students, colleagues, parents and/or the community?

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