Betsy's Bits

March 14, 2014

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CrAzY Week!

This week has been a extremely busy and stressful. Please remember we are ALL in this together and on the same team.


  • Congratulations to Erica and Kyle Mentzer. They are expecting their first child in October.
  • Please continue to keep West Lee staff, students, and community in your thoughts as they go through this tough loss. This is senseless and heartbreaking. Remember, if you or any of our children need to talk, our ladies in guidane and your Admin Team are here for you.
  • Our board has plans to endorse two resolutions next week against the 25% rule and in favor of teacher compensation.
  • Cheer Moms, Quiggle and Knuth, are hanging up their pom poms. Thanks so much to them both for their dedication and commitment for the past two years!
  • Third round of observations must be completed by the end of the month. Peer observations will be starting SOON. I will send information to mentors this weekend and meet individually to clarify questions on Monday.
  • In case you missed it, we will NOT be having any field tests this year!!!
  • Listen carefully this afternoon at 2:45 p.m. HOPEFULLY, we will have dismissal bells!

Cheer Coaches needed! If interested, talk to Courtney by Monday afternoon!

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Mark Your Calendars:

Monday: Leadership Team Meets at 2:50 in PLC room, Home games vs. Harnett Central

Tuesday: Social Studies PLC

Wednesday: Guests on campus in PLC room all day, if you read this and are one of the first 5 to email me, you get a prize, Wonderful Wednesday (duty free lunch for CORE teachers)

Thursday: Tech Thursday and Home game vs. West Lee

Head Football Coach needed! If interested, please talk to Courtney by Monday afternoon!

Leadership Team

Monday, March 17th, 3pm

Sanlee Middle School PLC Room


  • Review and approval of minutes from the last meeting
  • Mrs. Bridges report from admin meetings since last meeting
  • Derr and Warren - testing and information
  • Department and committee chairs share out from last meetings
  • Professional development this summer
  • Mission and vision statements (feedback)
  • Review school plan goals and ideas for school improvement plan for next year
  • Info on election for School Improvement Team