Borders and Powers

By Allishba Dawod


A line separating two political or geographical areas, esp. countries.

An example would be German border with Denmark.


In social science and politics, power is the ability to influence or control the behavior of people.

An example would be president ruling the country

Intro to Balance of power

Distribution of power in which no single nation is able to dominate or interfere with others. I will be discussing about Russia's balance of power and other important things about Russia.

Intro to Ukraine Crises

This is a mini presentation on Ukraine crises. What is going in Ukraine right now and why people are protesting against the president will be discussed in the presentation

Intro to Israel/Palestinian Conflict

This is the longest conflict going in the world. The mini project will talk about why did the Israel/Palestananian conflict started and why is it continued. It also is going to tell you some key issues that need to be addressed to solve this conflict.