101w15 Creative Branding Plan

Presented by futurlogic / pastpresentfuture 3.20.13

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Tagline Options


Your Space. Your Culture. Your Network.

your life launchpad

the social residence

The 101
a new beginning

Work hard. Play harder.

the dLife

The 101
a living social network

it all happens here

balanced. lifestyle.

an urban life eScape

live large in fun space

make it happen here

it happens here

the beginning of a wonderful friendship

new best friends

next gen urban oasis

a triad of opportunities

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Alternate Call-to-Action Lines

come explore a new urban oasis

join this unique club today

only 160 special spaces left (with downward ticker each day)

it all happens here

101 reasons to join now

reserve your spot in line now

a well design life.style awaits

Identity Architecture

The brand architecture should always combine 3 different elements that comprise "a perfect day in the city..."

An example...brunch with neighbors in the building, afternoon gallery show at gagosian, and a fun dinner at Morimoto.

The ideas should be mixed, not in bundled categories...

Each suggestion should start with an event in the building or some fun experience in the 101 location.

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Useful Messaging

This is functional advertising; the banners, outdoor, and media stories surrounding the building and the campaign should always provide people with useful tips on how to curate a nice New York experience.

This campaign is powerful because it respectfully allows 101 to co-opt and borrow equity from hundreds of notable brands in the Chelsea, Union Sq, West Village communities.

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The 101 Poem

PERFECTLY sums up the building. Written by a noted poet who lived and loved Greenwich village...so its authentic:

Where now the tide of traffic beats / There was a maze of crooked streets; the

noisy waves of enterprise / Swift-hurrying to their destinies / Swept past this island paradise / Here life went to a gentler place / And dreams and dreamers found a space...

- floyd dell

We have a unique opportunity to integrate the building's branding into the entire block length of sidewalk.

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Branded Garden Apartments / Partnerships

The PSFK Salon

The Mash Pad

The DWR Apt

The 1 Pad

The Wired dPad

The 1 Oak Bachelor Pad

2013 is a special window to build and accelerate Food Network partnerships.

Building / Window Activation

Street Theater

Improv Everywhere is a New York City-based prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places. Created in August of 2001 byCharlie Todd, Improv Everywhere has executed over 100 missions involving tens of thousands of undercover agents.
Black Friday Dollar Store

Live Window Display

Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke (Harvey Nicols body art)

A Living Romance

Come see the couple living in the display window at 101w15 one week only!

As sidewalk shoppers stare, mod couple Jennifer and William whip up meals on state-of-the-art appliances, models lacy lingerie, sleep and tests the comfiness of the DWR mattress, argue, watch movies and live for all to see.

Two Girls and a Guy (Trailer)
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Person of Interest interactive digital signage by Inwindow Outdoor
Maison Hermès Window Display
Fixie Window Display by Chairman Ting x Tangible Interaction

Projection Concepts

HBO -- BBDO New York
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Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular- Standard Hotel NYC
Urballoon - What is New York?

Directional Audio Outdoor

All Good Bananas - Listen to your conscience

Gesture Based Window Navigation

Gesture Recognition Software by eyeSight

Tools for Stonehenge Sales Agents

Videolicious App Review - iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Mobile Attachment Transform All Media Into Interactive Platforms

Everything we do must take into account the critical importance of linking to mobile phone interaction.
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