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Lyrebirds feathers are darkish brown and the under parts are lighter, redish brown. There are markings around the throat. The legs,feet,and the bill are black.The tail has 16 feet of feathers. They have 2 lyrates, 2 medians, and 12 filaments. The male weighs between 80cm and 100cm. The female weighs between 74cm and 84cm. The lyrebirds weigh 2.2 lbs.


Lyrebirds will give out a high pitched sound when they are alarmed. Lyrebirds tend to feel alone; female and the young males are often found feeding together. The lyrebird can be very shy,so it makes it hard for people to get close to them. Male exhibits territorial behavoir during mating season. At night, lyrebirds roost in low treetops. Lyrebirds prefer staying within the same home range. Lyrebirds sing throughout a year especially mating season.

Breeding Season

Lyrebird mate mostly in winter season, which is the months between May to August.

Wing Span

Lyrebirds can live up to 30 years in life.
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Life Cycle

The newly born chicks appear with a downy white color. They will stay with their mother for about 6 to 10 weeks. Only the mother will take care of the baby. The father won't help at all.
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