Quarter 4 Week 2

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sports downfalls

Sports Downfalls

Don't let sports distort who you are.

Exercise is generally viewed as a good thing. That is because it is a good thing. But it has its down sides, too. You can be injured. You can get into a competitive situation where the focus is so much on winning that fair play and safety are forgotten. You can come up against people who do illegal drugs and may urge you to do them too. You can even make yourself sick, literally.

None of these things has to happen. Remember that how you exercise and play sports is your choice. The following section aims to give you the information to make the right choices.

sports downfall questions

Assignment # 1

1. Why do injuries become common in sports ?

2. Have you ever been injured playing sport ?

3. If, so ... explain

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too much of a good thing

Too Much of a Good Thing

Take the time to rest; your workouts will benefit.

"Quit" may be the dirtiest four-letter word in sports, but you have to do it — regularly. There are two major reasons why resting is an important part of physical training.

First of all, rest makes the body stronger. Although it may sound like the supreme slacker motto, it's a scientific fact: Hard training breaks the body down and makes it weaker. Rest lets the muscles recover and adapt to the demands that working out puts on them. The result? The body gets stronger, and you arrive at a higher level of performance.

The other reason resting is important is to avoid burnout. Driving yourself relentlessly through workouts without taking the time to recover puts you at risk of overtraining. Overtraining hurts more than just your athletic performance. It can burn the joy out of your sport and other areas of your life.

The most common symptom of overtraining is fatigue. Even after a reasonable rest, people who are overtraining feel tired and sluggish. But a burned-out athlete isn't just tired; someone who is overtraining is likely to be moody, irritable, and fed up with everything. These are all signs that it's time to take a pause and examine your methods of exercising

Too much of a good thing questions

Assignment # 2

1. Explain why resting is so important

2. What are the problems resulting from overtraining ?

3. How do you know if you're overtraining ?

4. What would you do personally to avoid overtraining ?

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sports and drugs

Sports and Drugs

It's dangerous to be in the dark about performance supplements.

As far back as the ancient Olympics, athletes have been willing to eat, drink, inhale, inject, or rub on just about any substance that claimed to boost their performance. It's been called cheating for just about as long, too. But in the past 20 years,doping has not only invaded the elite levels of sports, it has entered school and amateur levels too, and even affects purely recreational athletes.

Thirty years ago, physical education courses would not have addressed this issue. But doping is now a serious concern for everyone involved in sports. One problem is that using forbidden substances to improve performance gives athletes unfair advantages over their competitors; it puts every victory or new record under a cloud of suspicion.

Another major problem with ergogenic aids is that they fall into two general categories: those that work but have serious side effects, and those that are bogus but may still have serious side effects

Sport and drugs questions

Assignment # 3

1. Why are food, drink and drugs often used by athletes ?

2. Why is doping prohibited in sports ?

3. What are the additional problems with ergogenic aids ?

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Internet Research report

Assignment # 4

You may or may not be familiar with 7 time Tour de France (bicycle race) champion LANCE ARMSTRONG. Submit a two paragraph report describing who he was and his accomplishments and then his involvement in a doping scandal while competing

Career exploration

Career Exploration

You have previously completed specific career exploration assignments, using professions we have specified within the health and fitness industry. However, we know that not everyone is interested in the careers we have chosen. We also know that not everyone is interested in the health and fitness industry. So, here's your chance to research whatever you are most interested in.

There are many career options available, and the sky is the limit. This is your chance to find out about that dream job you've always, well, dreamed of. So, choose wisely!

There are many ways you can research the job you choose: interview someone in the field, do research in a library, or use the Internet. Be on the lookout for uninformed or biased sources, though

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Assignment # 5


Physical Education Core (S3207165)

Name: ____________________

Points possible: 20

Date: ____________

Choose a career option that interests you, and research the answers to the following questions. Then, answer the questions thoughtfully and thoroughly.

Answer the following questions thoughtfully and thoroughly.

1. Which career option did you choose?

2. What does someone in this field do on a daily basis?

3. What kind of education is required to work in this field?

4. Is there any other training necessary?

5. What kind of working environment could you expect with this career? If applicable, describe several possible settings.

6. What is the job market like? Is there any research on what the market will be like when you’re older?

7. What is the salary range?

8. Are there any other interesting facts or trivia about this career? Why did you think it sounded interesting? Are there any famous or legendary people who were in this field? Be creative!