War of 1812

by isaiah

Causes of The War of 1812

1. American merchants resented British barriers of trade with France.

2. Americans were angered by impressment.

3. Americans believe the British pushed Native Americans to fight with American settlers.

4. Some members of the House of Represenatives wanted to expand into Canada.

The Battles of the War of 1812

The Burning of Newark in 1813- This was the nastiest event of the war. It happened on december 10 1813. When Joseph Willcocks wanted to deny shelter to the advancing British troops . He wanted to destroy what ever property he could .

149 homes and everything the people owned were burned to ashes.

Capture of Michilimackinac Island on July 17, 1812- The capture of Fort Mackinac by the British. The Americans surrendered without firing a shot.

The Effects of the War of 1812

1. American patriotism was boosted.

2. The United States proved that it could defend its self.

3. Native American weakened because the war broke the strength of the native Americans who sided with the British.

4. The war interrupted trade and Americans were forced to make many of the goods they used to import so there was a growth of American manufacturing.