Android App Revolution

The Mobile App


The mobile app revolution which began a few years ago,has only continued to gain momentum this year,particularly with the rise of messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

Mobile messaging apps are already out gaining subscribers compared to major wireless States. All of this represents a golden opportunity. Messaging Apps will reach 1.5 billion users next year and become a promotional juggernaut for digital and consumer electronic goods, Flurry predicts.


Mobile developer services have evolved, too.

Facebook for instance offers a platform for developers to churn out mobile apps quickly.

These apps can appear as "suggested apps" in mobile facebook feed targetting certain demographics . users can download this app, log in with there facebook credentials and have purchase order fields automatically filled out.

Even the muddy mobile web versus native app platform debate is starting to clear up , as standards and mobile platforms have emerged as winners thus reducing fragmentation and and uncertanity. Speaking on an App nation panel, Mark young, vice president of strategy and business development at NBC universal says he's splitting development efforts equally between iOS, Android and HTML's.

How to support mobile app development in your organization ?

As consumers eschew desktops and laptops for smartphones and tablets, organizations are increasingly tasked with developing apps for those mobile devices. These apps can be harder to manage than their Web-based brethren, but agile development methods can help ease the pain.