Animal Farm

Alyssa Broad


Squealer is a very smart and also a very convensing animal on the farm. He is smart because he some how could always figure out everything that was going on at the farm even if nobody told him. He is also very convensing because he could make anyone believe what he was saying was right. He made all the animals on the farm believe everthing Napolean said about Snowball and that caused him to leave the farm. At the beging of the book the animals said "Squealer cout turn black into white." This would be kind of like saying that if anything went wrong on the farm Squealer could fix it and make things better by convesing the other animals. This is where the theme "Dangers of being uneducated" comes in. Squealer was a very smart animal and he could always find out what was going on and some of the time it can hurt him. He could know something he wasn't suposed to know and the word he found out could get out to the other animals on the farm and it could cause something bad to happen. He helped Napolean take over the farm which was an important event that had to do with the animals which is the symbols. This took a major turn on the farm when Napolean took over and it changed how the animals went about life on the farm.