Jassy and Chinder

By Alaisha Lee

Who are we?

Hi! I'm Jassy and this is Chinder and were dogs. We are both girls and i'm (Jassy) a golden retriever and I am (Chinder) a lab mix with a golden retriever and the funny thing is i am black! We both get along very well. And in this story about our life we hope you will get to know us very well.

All about us

Did you know that its kinda hard to type with paws! Actally its not that hard. But that's not the point, the point is that we (Jassy and Chinder) both are loving dogs we may look weird and look mean but that's not true we have a really strong bark but a really soft heart. Its wonderful because every time Alaisha comes home from school we run up to the bus and greet her with love and kindness. I hope you could come down and see us one day because we would love to see you! And I hope you learn all about us because I am late for my spa day! Haha we both have to get going so see ya!