Anne Frank

By Kier Lightfoot

Anne Frank Story

Anne Frank

Kier Lightfoot

Anne Frank was a strong and enthusiastic woman who would become well known for writing down her experiences with her family while hiding in a secret room in her father's company during the time of World War II. She was later found and killed for being a Jew at the age of 15. Now famous world wide from her journal now called Diary of Anne Frank, she has also become and inspiration for people too for the ones who are dealing with rough times.

The Diary of Anne Frank displays the theme of making the best of everything in bad situations. Many times the families in the Annex were all stressed out but some made the best out of nothing. While the parents of both families were fighting, Peter and Anne both enjoyed the time with each other and did not worry about the fighting and war around them and can even be recognized when Anne says, "Oh, he is, Peter! He is! He's the only one who's ever given me the feeling of sense" (417). While everyone in the Annex were stressed out and scared, Anne stayed positive even when the people around her were discouraging and doubting her.

Another example of making the best of everything in the play is when Miep brought a cake and no one complained about how the cake could have been bigger or how the cake could have been Strawberry and soon everyone but were instead thankful for the gift Miep brought them on New Years Eve. You can also see the members of the Secret Annex in the play when both families are sitting down and enjoying playing cards


Anne is also showing hope that you do not have to be sad or angered when she danced around the room with Peter and talked positively about how she was going to be a writer and go to Paris while the others were putting her down and saying that she had no chance of being a writer and going to Paris.The Diary of Anne Frank also shows hope when her father first found the radio. The radio would inform them what was happening outside of the Annex and would bring hope to their heart hearing that people have come across seas to come help win the war. When ever Miep would come back to the Annex, everyone would brighten up hope would come back to the members.

I chose a lightbulb as the symbol for hope because in the picture to the right, it can show that there can still be hope even in the darkest of time. Anne had hope while some of the family members were doubting that the war would end. Anne believed that she was going to go to Paris and become a writer. The lightbulb can also resemble the radio because whenever the family would listen to the radio and hear that the ally armies were winning, hope would be restored.


Finally, The Diary of Anne Frank also displays courage throughout both families during their time in the secret Annex and the war. An example of this is shown even at the beginning when the Frank family decides to hide knowing that they would be killed if they were found by the Gustapo. You can also see the display of courage in the play and book when all of Mr Frank's employees help him and his family even though they themselves can be killed too for helping and Jew even if they are not Jews themselves. Even throughout both the play and book, you can identify courage with all family members.

For courage, I chose fire because it can resemble courage with a strong burn and can spread from place to place if the fire is big enough. In the play Anne was the spark and gave the people around her courage, which even led to Peter talking.

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