tall man, line two hyperbole haiku

this man was so tall

as tall as a giant and

he smiled at me too

SEA SHELL aliteration line 1

see what i found

a sea blue sea shell

it has white stripes

you can find it at the sea

this shell is for selling

and for showing

this shell is awesome

SNOWING acrostic line 4 onomonopeia

super white

new bright colors

outside coldness

woosh goes the wind

informational season

new tempurature

glowing white

wintery spring

Limerick line 5 simile

When its time for birds to sing

the bells will ring

chasing away the gloom

and flowers shall bloom

winter is like a necklace cold and bling

HATCHET i am metaphor line 10

I am brian robeson

I see the woods

I hear whistling foolbirds

I love nature

I fear bears

I know i exist

I hate the secret

I remember the blond man

i belive i can survive

i am a survivor

WINTER personification line 3 free verse

one cold winter morning

i went outside

the sun was smiling on me

then i saw a white rabbit

he was eating my carrots

i took one step and he stormed off

the cold winter air nearly froze me