Pu this element stinks!

Plutonium and it's Past

In 1940 it was synthesized out of uranium. Plutonium is the second trans uranium element made. It was made in Berkeley, California. They named it after the planet pluto.

Plutonium uses

The element has few practical uses and fewer military uses. It is synthetic so has to be made and doesn't have many applications to daily life. It can be used for nuclear power,weapons, and pacemakers. There is very little uses because plutonium is radioactive.
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Plutonium's basics

Plutonium's symbol is Pu. It's number is 94 and the atomic weight is 244. Plutonium sits in the group synthetics and the period 7. It is silvery white and metallic. Plutonium has a half-life of 20000 years and it's radioactive. it has a Density of 19816 kg, it's melting point is 912.5 kelvin, and its boiling point is 3503 kelvin.

Plutonium in action

This element is very unconventional. But the picture to the right depicts a use of plutonium.

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