Carbon Footprint

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to have an "ecological" Footprint.

the impact of human activities, and to have less resource and more resources. It is the view of what our own self has an impact on the world climate. When having a high footprint something like using electricity more and traveling more around the world can use a lot of carbon which can cause your footprint to rise. Having a low footprint can be something like using an electric car to travel instead of by using fuels and things that shouldn't be used but hydro cars can lower your footprint.


the reason I picked this to be my favorite website is because it is very accurate and the questions are relevant to my footprint. I learned from this calculator that food, shelter and uses of energy are very important especially when it is very cold outside you limit to less things and you have to obtain more things and pay more money to stay balanced.
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Define carbon Market and provide 5 ways to reduce carbon footprint

they said that there are appearances on our country both quality of life and economical prosperity. carbon market trading is an economically efficient means to reduce the emissions that have gases. carbon markets are a part of the solution and they allow money to flow from willing investors and to projects that are going to make a difference.

1. drive a low- carbon vehicle turn off lights that you are not using

3. water usage- lower the amount of energy used to pump, treat, and heat water such as washing your car less often.

4. support clean energy sources- advocate for clean alternatives to fossil fuels, such as wind, solar, or geothermal.

5. cut the beef and dairy- takes a lot of resources to raise cows and eating healthier is always a better option.