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5-23-2017 #BirdvilleLearns

Looking to Start the Self-Paced Training on Accessing Curriculum in Canvas and Creating Lesson Plans in Google?

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  • The TPACK Model
  • #BirdvilleLearns Social Media Chat Tonight!
  • Summer Digital Learning PD is Just Around the Corner!
  • BISD Technology End of Year Procedures 2016-2017
  • Digital Learning Summer Shutdown Checklist
  • Digital Learning Social Media
  • Digital Learning Team Contact Information


Looking for Some GREAT Summer Teacher Reads?

Glorious Google Goodies To Check Out!

Booktrack is an awesome free Google add-on that creates a "soundscape" for your writing or reading. Choose music to complement any story or piece of writing. Teaching tone and mood? Playing with podcasts? Just want to reach your auditory learners? Check out Booktrack.

Storybird is a group of tools that makes publishing picture books a snap for teachers and students! Artwork and templates streamline the process for writers and finished projects can even be used as fundraisers for schools wanting to print the finished products.

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Framework

TPACK stands for Technological Pedagogical And Content Knowledge. The TPACK Framework can be a very useful tool when collaborating with your digital learning specialist and content experts to create good, standards driven, instructional opportunities for learners along with the effective use of available classroom technology.

The TPACK model identifies the three primary forms of knowledge; Content (CK), Pedagogy (PK), and Technology (TK). The TPACK approach attempts to combine these three forms of knowledge to create a new form of knowledge, a “Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge” (TPACK).

Introduction to the TPACK Model Video Common Sense Media

Technological Knowledge refers to a teacher’s existing knowledge of technology. Technology can include the internet, software, hardware, etc. Being able to send an e-mail or create a PowerPoint presentation can be considered standard technology knowledge in education.

Pedagogical Knowledge refers to a teacher’s knowledge of the methods of teaching and learning. This can involve the knowledge of teaching techniques, student evaluation, and classroom management. Teachers develop their own personal pedagogy as they gain experience in the classroom.

Content Knowledge refers to a teacher’s knowledge of the subject they are instructing. This could perhaps be considered the most important of the three types of knowledge in the TPACK Model, for if a teacher did not know the content they were presenting, it would be very difficult for them to deliver the content clearly to the students.

When all three types of knowledge are combined, you get a new form of knowledge: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge. This type of knowledge refers to the ability to understand and negotiate the relationships between the three types of knowledge. It is argued that this form of knowledge is more valuable than the three individual forms of knowledge. This is to say that a teacher that possesses this knowledge is more equipped to successfully integrate technology in the classroom than any expert of the three types of knowledge.

Click here for the TPACK Framework Model

Planning a Road Trip This Summer? Check out These Must-Have Apps for the Ride!

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Summer Digital Learning PD is Just Around the Corner!

Earn your flex credit for next year! Claim your spot, register now!

Check out the great courses we are offering by clicking here!

District Technology End to the Year Procedures

Blue bin season is about to begin. Below is the link to the Birdville Technology End of the Year Procedures. LINK.

Digital Learning Summer Shutdown Checklist

Do you need to save your files from your Turn in an iPad? Need to manage multiple Google Drive accounts? Check out our Summer Shutdown Checklist Here.


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