Why Are People Obsessed With Money

Money Money Money

About Me

Hello i am a sophomore at FL Schlagle high school, i play football, baseball, and track. I enjoy money and I'm pretty sure a lot of you reading this blog does to but I wanted to knew what make people so obsessed with money.

Essential Question/ How Did I Come To This Question.

My essential question is why are people obsessed with money? What made me come to this question was a discussion we had in business essential class 1st semester when we were talking about money and how it can be a want or need. For a example money can be a need for things like food, rent, electricity, and even water bills. It can also be a want for things like toys and games that you want. Then we got on the subject of why people that don't have money are so obsessed with money and why people who got money are obsessed with it.

What I Knew And Want To Knew!!!

What i already knew about people that are obsessed with is that they always want more and more because they have became real greedy when it comes to money. What i want to knew is if a poor person can be more obsessed with money then a wealthy person. What i hope i teach you is that money isn't that important or good enough to get greedy towards your family with.
My Money Obsession!
Do The Wealthy Have An Obsession With Money?

Future Steps

I plan to research more on why and what is it that make you obsessed with money. Does it have to do with you having more or less money than others. Like John from the video above says can it be those with more money cares less about money because they have less wants then people who tend to have less money, or can it be those who are not so wealthily and have less money wants so many things.

My Reflection

I learn that it occurs that people who tend to have more wants and less money are obsessed with it because they feel as if they don't have as much as they need they will be unhappy. Also that their are still a lot of wealthily people who still are obsessed with money because of what it get them and how it makes them happy. Although their are a lot of people/celebrity who haves lots of money but still are unhappy do to loneliness.