Mal For Sale!!! It's For You!!!

By MaryFrances Bressler

Are you tired of being called a goody-goody use mal the bad prefix to turn that around!! Get the brand new prefix! The one that is the best of the best it virtually can make you as bad as you want to be! Yes there new but now there going fast join your friends buy mal! Only we have the mal that can bring you bad beyond your dreams!!


Mal looks like someone getting suspended from school. If you want to be bad you can be a villain in a movie, a scary monster from Halloween, or a creature from your worst nightmare.


What can mal do? I'll answer that for you! Mal is the ultimate bad prefix when you use it you turn to the dark side of speech. You sound bad and then your a trend starter!!!!!!!!


When mal was young mal lived in placed full of happiness and glory. All of mals life was miserable mal could never be daunt until mal joined the advertisement business when mal was 15. Mal started at a young age and became the wonderful advertiser mal is today!a