Physical Properties: bluish- white metal that is shiny, melting point is 419.5 degrees Celsius, not ductile or malleable at room temperature, density is 7.14 grams per cubic centimeter

Chemical Properties: dissolves in acids and alkalis, burns with a bluish flame, its oxidation state is +2, does not react with oxygen in dry air

Where its found: It doesn't occur as a free element in the earth, the largest producer is Canada, some smaller producers are Australia, China, and Peru

Compounds: Zinc dihydrate, Zinc diflouride, Zinc oxide, Zinc peroxide

Isotopes: Zn-64, Zn-66, Zn-67, Zn-68, Zn-70

Uses: It is used in Zinc galvanizing, it is an alloy, Zinc oxide is used in some sunscreens

Reactivity: Zinc reacts with steam but has no reaction with cold water, It reacts with acids, and it reacts with oxygen when heated

cost shipping saftey availibility

Zinc, it will keep your insides pink! A common compound of Zinc is Zinc oxide, which can be very useful in sunscreens. Zinc oxide blocks UV rays which makes it virtually impossible to get burnt! Zinc oxide is made by burning Zinc in air. The cost of Zinc oxide is about $1000 a ton, which makes it very cost efficient.

Zinc oxide would help Banana Boat sunscreen by increasing the quality of it. Adding Zinc would make it harder for the consumer to get sun burnt. Therefore sales would increase. The cost of shipping would be included in the price of the product. About 2,000 tons are available each month for purchase.

Zinc oxide is non-toxic which makes it very safe. However, it is dangerous to inhale fumes of Zinc oxide when it is heated at a high temperature. All in all, zinc is very cost efficent, it would better the quality of the product, and it is very safe. We hope Banana Boat would be a good company to buy our product.