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Web Designer - East Midlands Technology
Birmingham Interchange Place 151- 165 Edmund Street Birmingham
t: 0121 237 5559

Reed Technology are looking to recruit a new Web Designer to join their already prestigious team of highly experienced Programmers.

There are a handful of different types of skills needed to fill the position available at Reed Technology. On of the skills is a specific attribute, the main attribute of these being that you need to be able to demonstrate your skills using HTML5, CSS and various other Web Technologies. This is the most impotent skill needed for the job as being a web developer it is crucial that you can actually program a website. Being a web developer is a skill driven job role that many people may claim to be able to program a website using HTML5 and CSS but to be able to "Demonstrate" this gives the employer confidence that you can do just as you say you can. A very good way to do this is to have a Web Portfolio which is a website you have built from scratch to show your ability, doing this makes it so you can give the employer the link to the website as well as the source files if needed.

There are a handful of general skills linked with this job, by far the most important is to be creative. When making websites you need to be able to come up with a product that is far superior and unique to your competitors. This can be achieved by being able to come up with creative and unique designs that stand out from the rest. Without a creative mind-set all of your websites will look dull and wont stand out, they will just look like every other boring website.

A job in Web Design is a job which you are providing a service to a customer, with this type of job comes deadlines that need to be met. One soft attribute to this job is to be able to hit deadlines and work under the pressure of making sure work is completed on time. This skill is crucial to making sure that you can keep customers happy as well as making sure your projects are on schedule, you also need to be prepared to be able to work well under the pressure of catching up on your work if you every fall behind. If you have to delay a project and end up not finishing it on time you can end up with unhappy customers and a bad reputation.
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Digital Marketing Specialist - Hootsuit Inc


Henry Wood House,
2 Riding House Street
London W1W 7FA

Hootsuite are also hiring, they are looking for a new digital marketing specialist. This job has specialist attributes which are very different to the Web Designer job role. For this job they are looking for someone with a Bachelor's Degree in marketing as well as proven experience in the marketing industry. This is very different to Web Design mainly because it is a career line that is focused on more work experience as well as proven skills. This is because with marketing your skill develops with the more industry that you have compared to web design which someone can have a very high level of knowledge with very little experience working for a web company.

When it comes to digital marketing by far the most important general skill is Communication. This job role revolves around being able to reach out to new people and communicate with them. Having a good communication skill can be the difference between gaining new jobs/customers for the company you work for, or having them move onto another company who was able to communicate better. Another skill that ties in with this is confidence, the mix of confidence and communication can make for an extremely good and effective combination when it comes to digital marketing as it will allow people to see more faith and trust you more when it comes to advertising.

A soft skill that helps when it comes to being a digital marketer is the be flexible. Trends change and none needs to know that more than someone in digital marketing, you need to be a forefront of all trends ready to take advantage of them. If you are able to change your strategy and adapt to new trends with ease and at short notice can allow you to gain a large amount of buisness with your campaigns by always being ahead of your competitors.
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