Lung Cancer

The quick description of the Cancer in your lungs


Is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue.

Body part or parts that are affected

Of course this cancer affected the lungs. The process is started in the air passage ways before the lungs. Most likely is started by bronchitis which is a result of smoking or inhaling smoke in a fire. In other words smoke inhalation

Top kinds of cancer

Symptoms and treatments

Many symptoms can occur but the most common are shortness in breath, pain in chest area,change in the cough, cough wont stop, and loss of weight if you have any of these u should go see a doctor immediately. Treatments for lung cancer included Surgery, radiation chemo, immune, and targeted therapy. While the therapies are more expensive we are talking about someones life. The survival rate is 54 percent if it is ojnly in the lungs but if the cancer has mved to other organs the survival rate is 4 percent.