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Deliciousness in London

Q: have you ever wonder where the name salisbury steak came from?

In London there is a variety of food we never heard of andsome we have heard of. The tasty beef meat we call salisbury steak occurred to be named after a man named Dr. James Henry Salisbury other people liked his steake better than the others that were made.

Dr. Salisbury told people it was okay to cut their food shorter. London had made something that is named after a town we sometimes put it on sandwiches and crackers.

Cheese but it isn't swiss or american it is cheddar it made in London. It was named after the town cheddar and someone must of thought of cheese.

Yorkshire pudding is the most unheard of dish in all of the countries it is made of eggs and roast-beef drippings soo it is not actualy pudding.

Some people inLOndon fall for Shepard's pie which isn't really a pie but is made of meat and mashed potatoes it happens to be a fancy casserole and a London tradition.

Fish and chips might sound familiar but the thing is there are no chips just fried fish and french fries just a fancy name for it.

London art buildings and more

Athletic london

There are many sports in london some seem extinct .

Football another way to say soccer happens to be an official sport in london it was an oval shaped ball until americans came up with the name ccer the ball became round .

Netball was an all female sport which was like volleyball until male participants been joining it is popular sport in london.

Cricket is a good sport to london its mostly played by elderly men and women there are very little child participants.

Rugby is a unique sport played in london it is like american football exept fifteen players on each team.

lawn bowling is another sport in london. The ball will go on alawn not an alley knocking down 10 pins.

art in london

THere is a lot of land marks in london for one theres the white tower was used for many things it was built in mideval london.

Buckingham palace is the official home to queen and kings Queen Victoria was the first to make it official .

Saint paul's cross is one of the most religious sites in londonto visit.

Some sites that you see might tell stories about itself while your visitng.

Big ben is oe of the most famous clock in london and the world. noone knows much about it though.

These landmarks might mean alot to london.

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